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Tight rope bondage

Authentic BDSM power play using metal and leather devices with real female submission

Authentic BDSM and electrical play

DeviceBondage goes to the edge portraying beautiful women deriving pleasure from BDSM play while restrained with various metal, leather and wooden devices.

Authentic BDSM power play using metal and leather devices with real female submission

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lesbian family rape
10:39, 2009-Dec-8

Free bondage pictures Anime bondage

Some bondage gear story: The screen showed quite clearly Ann undressing and modeling her underwear for Jack. She could see that the angle of the camera showed only her face, not the face belonging to the cock in her mouth. Nothing at all if you continue your interview, I do know of a place that specializes in distributing amateur videos nationwide, and I'm sure your husband might also like his own personal copy. So much for your morals she thought to herself, he's got you right where he wants you. ..

Paige Bree is a little cutie who gets dominated by Alissa Ashley. Featuring bondage, footworship, the sybian, ass licking, dildo gags, and strapon sex.

Anime bondage

Kinky Female powerplay


Devaun and Andy San Dimas suffer through 6 hrs of live BDSM pain
04:47, 2009-Dec-8

Women spanking men Female domination male slave

He sniffed, then reached out with his free hand and cupped her chin, lifting it upwards. He slid his hand across her cheek and under her blonde hair, stroking her neck and the side of her head. She reached for his belt, slowly undid it, then pulled his zipper down. It was still soft, though beginning to harden as it felt her fingers around it. He had no intention of clouding his dominance of the woman with the thought that physical force was what was compelling her to act. ..

Bobbi's shoot was an experiment in "static" bondage - bondage that is minimal yet severe in nature. The goal is to bind and restrain the model to the very limit of her ability to endure and then step back, let the clock tick and watch her suffer as long as she can bear it. There is no need for interaction. No need for distractions. Just the model slowly wearing down, sweat beading up and trickling down her body, muscle fatigue causing her limbs to shake at an ever increasing rate - her breathing becoming ragged as she struggles against her gag to swallow the spit that is beginning to pool in the throat and choke her. Sometimes I think the interactive style of BDSM that has become increasingly popular in recent years is just interfering with the simple enjoyment of the bondage itself. It's not always necessary to tie up a woman and "do something" to her. Sometimes just tying her up is enough. The first scene I more or less manage to accomplish my goal, but by the second, the pressure of the shoot causes me to forget my intentions and I fall back into spearing her with a dildo pole in one hand and vibrating her with the Hitachi in the other. I am curious to hear what the members will say; I await comments on the necessity of interaction in scenes.

Female domination male slave

Bound in metal, sex with dildos, safe electro play, all tied up into one!

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rape lesbian
11:51, 2009-Dec-6

Spanking videos Cock and ball torture

Some bondage gear story: As soon as she stepped in the house her father was waiting for her strap in hand. Didn't I tell you that you were to be in by 10:30 or you'd be punished? She didn't know what to say, Y-yes sir, b-but it's not even midnight yet, I didn't think. . Her eyes were transfixed to the leather strap dangling in her father's hand. B-b-backside, she stammered, you're not really going to strap me now are you, I'm too old for that. ..

Delilah Knight is quickly discovering her full potential as a submissive. She endures every painful and humiliating blow dished out by Maitresse Madeline. This update starts with role play in the prison cell where Delilah is given the opportunity to advance from a cold slab of cement to a real bed in the officer's private quarters.

Cock and ball torture

There are plenty of screaming orgasms from rough strap-on sex! Updates every week with original videos and photos.

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Faith is back, supporting a new look and sexy as ever.
02:31, 2009-Dec-5

Adult spanking Female nipple torture

Sample of bondage gear story: The doctor enters after a moment and looks down at your naked body. The doctor moves to a drawer and takes out two strange looking devices that look like large paper clips. He takes the two clips and attaches one to each nipple already hard with excitement. He then sits down between your legs. You hear him putting on his gloves and then a moment later you feel his fingers at the lips of your pussy. ..

Another new face for Hogtied. Kelly likes bondage - it turns her on to fight. She loves roll-playing the victim. Sexy and tough, she takes some very hard bondage positions and foot punishment. After the shoot she admits that she will definitely do more bondage in her private life. Another Hogtied success story.

Female nipple torture

Helpless, bound slaves brought to intense orgasm


freee lesbian rape
02:25, 2009-Dec-5

Tickle torture Free bondage pictures

Sample of bondage gear story: Sure I was unsatisfied with my lot in life, but wasn't about to throw that away. I called everyone to the dining room. I was about to get the last platter with the roast beef, when I noticed Joel was sitting next to my spot, and able to see out the kitchen. The first indication that something was wrong was when I felt like I was being watched, as I was bent over the oven pulling out the still hot roast, an almost physical touch as I could feel eyes looking at my bum. ..

Katja Kassin submits beautifully to the wicked Tory Lane. If you like sexy women passionatedly engaging in BDSM, you're bound to love this update. This session has great chemistry, ample punishment, creative bondage, orgasms and a large anal strapon. Enjoy!

Free bondage pictures

Real lesbian BDSM powerplay

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russian lesbian rape
08:15, 2009-Dec-2

Anime bondage Bondage leather

A bit of bondage gear story: You may play this tape as often as needed to familiarize each of you with its contents. The driver will inform us of any unacceptable behavior. Remove all of your clothing and any items of jewelry and place them in these bags. Strip! No talking except about the ranking system will be permitted in the limousine. The others are doing likewise. The blonde is undressing slowly, showing some minor embarrassment. ..

Clea Q becomes "Trampy Girl".She is easily picked up and carried about, teased and humiliated by Kym Wilde. Water breath play and forceful finger fucking are also present in this energetic update!

Bondage leather

There are plenty of screaming orgasms from rough strap-on sex! Updates every week with original videos and photos.

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Daphne Rosen and her 34G monster breasts face tough bondage
07:29, 2009-Dec-2

Torture pictures Sexual torture

' `How so?' Mike asked. So one Saturday afternoon, she came over for the day. I think she was about to dump me anyway. `We made lunch. Finally, after lunch, I gave in. She was in heaven. `I asked her to try it on. Of course, any chance to show off her body and tease me at the same time was not to be passed up. While she was changing, I got the rest of her surprise ready. It was a string bikini, with ties in the back, neck, and on the bottoms. ..

There are good models and there are great models, and then there is Annette Schwarz. Annette has an amazing 6'0" body, blond hair and nice tits, and best of all she can take the hard stuff. We do a lot of shoots here at Hogtied, and every once in a while we get that one shoot that is sure to be a Hogtied classic. This shoot is one of those classics. Annette is amazing and this shoot clicks on all levels.

Sexual torture

Their helpless bodies are flogged and their shaved pussies fingered

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Kitty loses grudge match, now she must pay.
04:44, 2009-Dec-2

Breast bondage Boy bondage

A piece of bondage gear story: Selima's eyes grew large as he moved between her wide-spread legs. His comically sad face twisted into a sadistic leer. He removed the squirming creature from its jar and forced it into the helpless slave girl. Wrapping another piece of cloth tightly around her legs and hips, preventing the toad's escape, he left. Be prepared to serve my pleasure. The chains were too tight, and she knew she would bruise. ..

Anna Mills is back and the Sgt. is all up on it. Anna is a tough cookie and it takes a lot to rattle her, but the Sgt still got to her. Tight crotch ropes, forced orgasms, and flogging clothespins off the nipples is what you get this week. Anna looks great all tied up and helpless! You almost feel sorry for her--almost.

Boy bondage

Inescapable bondage and forced orgasms

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Jenni Lee and Mallory Knots tied to a pole in Hogtied.
03:59, 2009-Dec-2

Bdsm movies Adult spanking

A bit of bondage gear story: I pulled my hand now, and she came with it. I pulled my finger from her hungry cunt, grabbed her ass, and pulled her snatch right up to my face. I thought I would give her all the licking she could handle. Apparently she had a low threshold, as this was all she could stand. One down, one to go. I was nearing the end of my endurance, and I still hadn't had my dick in any hot cunt yet. I turned her around and held her up, her blonde pubic triangle just inches over my waiting tool. ..

How beautiful is Isis? Wicked hot! Another new face, and hardcore bondage virgin. Isis is tough and sexy, and took everything we tossed at her. We forced her to cum over and over and over. Warning: watch the extended orgasm torture at your own risk. Isis is back again in December-eager to go to the next level!

Adult spanking

This unique bondage site features original photography updated weekly, streaming real videos, and a zipping program designed for easy downloads.

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Jade Marxxx in a punishing six hour live hardcore bondage show
03:36, 2009-Dec-2

Bondage rape Torture rack

Some bondage gear story: All right, said Katherine, He pinches my nips and he usually licks me while I'm helpless. And he often puts something into my bottom. Katherine was now blushing furiously as she told her daughter how being helpless really turned her on. What about you Kelly? she asked, What's the kinkiest thing you've ever done? Now it was Kelly's turn to blush as she realized that she would have to tell. We pulled our clothes together and Frank came in. ..

Annette Schwarz' body resembles that of an Amazon woman. With blonde hair, blue eyes and broad shoulders, she has quite a presence to behold. Unfortunately for Annette, at Device Bondage, just as in the US legal system, anything a model says, does or is, can and will be used against her during the shoot. In this case, cyd decides to use her size and stature against her, locking her down on the angular roof of a wooden dog house and thus bringing the full weight of her body down on her clit, pressing hard against the wood and on the plug that is buried deep in her ass.

Torture rack

Authentic BDSM power play using metal and leather devices with real female submission

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20 year old gets tightly bound, and forced to cum over and over.
03:29, 2009-Dec-2

Women spanking men Bondage anime

Some bondage gear story: I said: Rebecca is glad to give you a tip you won't forget too soon. Her ankles were tied to two wide-apart hooks so that she was lying on the floor, resting her chest on stretched arms with her legs spread out wide. I told her since her head was even with his crotch, she was to suck him off. As she put the smallish but hard meat in her mouth, my slave looked at me gracefully. He said he sure would. ..

Welcome Daphne Rosen to Daphne is recognized as one of the "Big Tit" girls of the adult industry. It's very unusual for these girls to have the courage to do heavy bondage, but Daphne was the exception to the rule. We gave her the full Hogtied treatment. Flogging, followed by great breast bondage, and many hard forced orgasms. She was nervous at first, but in the end she was hooked. We hope to have back for bigger and harder things.

Bondage anime

Real bondage, real bondage loving women/slaves

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hot naked lesbian rape
07:28, 2009-Nov-28

Bondage girls Bondage pic

A bit of bondage gear story: She thought she would go crazy if he didn't give her more, but it felt so good all she could do was squirm and moan. He would drag his finger nails over her skin, and make her shiver all over from his touch. Pam nearly wiggled off the couch, the touch of his fingers felt so good there. Everything he did seemed to make her hotter than what he had been doing to her before. He concentrated on each little part of her, so that even though she felt like she was out of her mind from the pleasure he was giving her, she could clearly remember how each thing he did felt, which parts she like touched best, and exactly how each part should be touched. ..

Jezabelle Bond is tall, sexy, has an amazing ass, loves bondage and submission. What more could you ask for? Shy Love dominates her in various positions and makes sure she and her sub have strong orgasms. Smoking fetish included.

Bondage pic

Real whipping and spanking

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Wenona is an orgasm loving, flexible little minx.
03:25, 2009-Nov-26

Extreme bondage Public bondage

Some bondage gear story: In a second she was forced to show them her room, where they gathered up her prettiest dresses and underwear, and stuffed them into suitcases. Then it was away in a van as it got dark. No chance at all. She was thrown on to a bed in a darkened room, still bound and gagged. Now as dawn broke, with heart pounding she felt the strong arms of a captor release her neck chain, and raise her from the bed. ..

Rhonda, yet another bondage virgin. She saw the ad on Craigslist, sent a couple pictures, and bang, bound and helpless. Words fail me to describe this shoot. A priceless talent that I hope to get back soon! Oh yea I almost forgot, I tickled the crap out of her too.

Public bondage

Their helpless bodies are flogged and their shaved pussies fingered

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Isis love, forced to squirt, bound, gagged. Tight crotch ropes.
03:37, 2009-Nov-23

Male spanking Needle torture

Her stomach fluttered in nervousness while she sat and waited for James to walk into the room. She heard the water come on a few seconds later. Somehow he didn't believe that sex was what was her mind. The problem was, he couldn't figure out what it WAS that was on her mind. Bridgette jumped when she heard the door opening. He looked down and saw her sitting with her legs together and her hands folded in her lap. ..

Amber Rayne is back and the Sgt. does what he does best. He breaks Amber in with a tight crotch rope and then he has his way with our pretty little shaved girl next door. With elbows bound tightly together Amber is forced to suck cock. Not happy with just that the Sgt uses her ass and uses it well. Finally Amber gets tied spread and ass fucked into submission.

Needle torture

Writhing/twisting/struggling orgasms in (tight) bondage


lesbian rape and bondage
06:48, 2009-Nov-16

Instruments of torture Bondage gear

Little bondage gear story: In junior high, she found that if she wore the right clothes and bent toward them a little when she asked, she could get anything she wanted from any of the male teachers. She had the most exciting figure her teachers had ever seen, and it drove them crazy knowing that her lush body and powerful sexuality was forbidden fruit they could never possess. Pam did not have any boy friends because she was so bossy and selfish that none of the boys would put up with her. ..

Cleopatra is a big titty exotic women that gets dominated by Mistress Isis. She endures some good pain and gets fucked hard while tied up.

Bondage gear

Real BDSM powerplay.


Lena Ramon finds herself wanting and needing sexual stimuli.
02:12, 2009-Nov-12

Spanking stories Bondage art

A piece of bondage gear story: The strapping seemed to go on forever to her, though in reality it only lasted five minutes or so it seemed an eternity to her stinging, burning bottom. The sounds of that long ago whipping were still ringing in her ears when Tom walked into the room with his belt still in hand. The sound of his voice snapped her back to the present, she had begun to get turned on thinking about her fathers belting, and she had almost forgotten that she was about to receive another that would surely be at least as severe as that one for charging her and Tom's credit card to the limit without telling him. ..

Trixie came to us with a curiosity about bondage. No modeling experience, no personal experience in her private life. She did not want to experiment with S&M play so this shoot involves tight bondage only. She is tied tightly and her ropes more than satisfy her curiosity. A new face, tight, good bondage and real reactions. Enjoy.

Bondage art

This unique bondage site features original photography updated weekly, streaming real videos, and a zipping program designed for easy downloads.


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